Vera’s Visuals is a design and illustration company founded by Vera Korpilaakso.

The designer, who specializes in animals and nature, uses the watercolor style to create expressive and beautiful animals. The style is playful and detailed.

Who’s Vera?

I am Vera and mainly carry out pattern design for fashion and textile companies.

In my work, I am most inspired by my clients and the implementation and feeling of new ideas.

For my work, I am thinking a lot about practicality and the longest possible life cycle in design.

I consider beauty and sensitivity to be important values for my work.

While studying fashion design at school in 2018, I fell in love with the expression of patterns and illustrations in fashion and the way they turned alive on fabrics.

At that time, I started thinking about consumption and practicing pattern design.

I am always interested in different colors and shades, as well as designs for different uses.

My main task is to help solve visual problems and create a slightly more beautiful place in the world with art.

Vera's Visuals
Email: vera(at)
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