Vera’s Visuals is a small homedecoration company from Valkeakoski, Finland. Spezializing in animal and nature themes. The company was founded in November 2018.

Vera Korpilaakso is an illustrator and pattern designer behind the Company. Illustrations are inspired by Scandinavian nature, harmony and playful animals.

Working tools: Pencils & Watercolors. Tint and color depth made with Photoshop. Handmade, accurate and graphic impression.

The illustrations have been pleasant for adults as well as children.

Vera’s Visuals invest on illustrations atmosphere and quality.

Products are made in Tampere and Aitoo, Finland.

Pattern design for business.

Values include practicality, quality and timelessness.

Where to find our products:

Rovaniemi: Valkko – Your Piece Of Finland

Tampere: Pikkuputiikit

Jyväskylä: Harjunpaperi

Laitikkala: Suttisten Tila- Tilapuoti